Friday, 30 March 2007


900g-1.3kg lamb leg joint
2 cloves garlic, crushed
800g packs cooked baby beetroot (not in vinegar), halved
30ml/2tbsp freshly chopped rosemary
30ml/2tbsp redcurrant jelly
Salt and pepper
450g shallots, peeled and left whole
15ml/1tbsp plain flour
300ml/½pint lamb stock
Dash Port or sherry
Rosemary to garnish

Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4-5, 180-190°C. Place the garlic and 75g beetroot into a food processor and whizz until nearly smooth. Stir in the rosemary and redcurrant jelly. Cover and set aside. Place the lamb joint onto a chopping board. Make several incisions over the surface of the joint. Position a metal rack over a large non-stick roasting tin and add the joint. Season and roast.

During the last 40 minutes add the remaining beetroot with the shallots in the base of the roasting tin, remove the rack and position the joint on top of the vegetables.

20 minutes before the end remove joint and brush the reserved beetroot and garlic mixture and return to the oven. When cooked, transfer to a warm platter with the vegetables and keep warm.

Meanwhile, make the gravy: Spoon off any excess fat. Place the roasting tin over a medium heat and sprinkle over the flour. Stir well, add a little stock and stir again, scraping the base of the pan for extra flavour. Add remaining stock, Port or sherry and any meat juices from the platter, season and simmer until reduced to a well-flavoured gravy. Strain if required. Serve with roast potatoes and seasonal veggies.

Cooking times:
Medium: 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25minutes
Well done: 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes
Serves 4-6

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