Thursday, 15 May 2008


British Sandwich Week 2008 - May 11th to 17th

If you want to impress your little ones why not try out one of these innovative sandwich recipes from Warburtons!

Sailing Sandwiches

· Any Warburtons Rolls
· Peanut butter, tuna mayonnaise or other ‘sticky’ ingredients
· 1 banana if using peanut butter or sweetcorn if using tuna
· Sliced cheddar cheese

1. Slice the Warburtons Sub Sandwich Roll in half, and use a ‘sticky’ ingredient, such as peanut butter or tuna mayonnaise to cover the ‘middle’ section of the boat.

2. Then use another ingredient, such as banana or sweetcorn, to create a ‘rim’ around the outside of the boat.

3. You could use three different ingredients in this way to create a more colourful effect. Finally, make a sail for the sailing ship by putting a cocktail stick through some sliced cheddar cheese and standing it in the middle of the boat.Tip: For party food, use crisps to give a ‘wave’ effect, and use leftover pieces of cheese to make shark fins.

Sandwich Express

· Any Warburtons Rolls
· Combination of ‘child-friendly’ ingredients, such as grated cheese, ham, tuna, sweetcorn and lettuce
· Cucumber strips
· Carrot strips
· Vegetables for decoration

1. Make up four sandwiches using Warburtons Sub Sandwich Rolls and a combination of ‘child-friendly’ ingredients. Cut each sub roll into three equally sized pieces, chopping the ends off all but one to leave a square edge. This will leave eleven equally sizes ‘carriages’, and a rounded front ‘engine’.

2. Lay a ‘track’ using long cucumber strips and carrot sticks. Place the sandwiches along the track, with the rounded engine at the front. Finally, decorate with vegetables.

Tip: Mix and match different fillings – that way, there is sure to be at least one sandwich that each child will like.

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