Tuesday, 19 December 2006

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English Mum said...

Hi, here's my recipe for sneakily healthy cookies:

After my recent success of hiding a handful of sultanas (soaked in hot orange juice then chopped finely) in my latest batch of chocolate muffins, I set about expanding my stealth-health (ooh I like that) repertoir by turning my hand to cookies. I hereby proudly present my recipe. Give it a go. Oh and by the way I know it’s very verbose but I hate it when people put stuff in recipes and don’t explain why. It’s very annoying:

4oz butter
4oz granulated sugar (for crunch)
4oz muscovado sugar (nice toffee flavour)
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
7oz self raising flour (started with 8 but makes the mix a bit dry)
100g white chocolate, chopped into big lumps
2oz almonds and 2oz dates (or raisins), whizzed in food mixer so they’re undetectable
2oz porridge oats (healthy eh?)

Anyhoo, cream the butter and the two sorts of sugars in your fabulously large and shiny stainless steel food processor (oh, not got one? Obviously not spending enough at Kitchen Goddess then). Then add the egg and the vanilla. No, I don’t know why. It smells nice though. Stir in the flour and the chopped up chocolate. I started off using plain, but white goes really nice and gooey, although doesn’t mask the dates quite as well. I whizzed the dates and almonds until they were quite fine then added them and the oats into the mixture. It does get a bit hard to mix, so beef up those pecs at the same time. Cookery tips and fitness too – what a blinder! Blob spoonfuls onto a baking tray (I got 3 lines of 3 cookies on my tray – they do spread a bit but not too drastically). This mix is quite dry and tough, so don’t shape them or anything, they just melt into nice big fat yummy cookies. Oh, at 180 degrees/gas mark..em..don’t know, for about 10 – 12 mins. Don’t overcook them, they need to be chewy in the middle. Then feed to offspring, whilst silently congratulating yourself on your deviousness.

Kitchen Goddess said...

I like your style English Mum! Good work and thanks for your great recipe.