Friday, 15 December 2006

Top Afternoon Tele

I am a little worried about Monday because I am going to lose some channels on my TV. The problem is I'm addicted to the food programmes especially that one with that really funny woman on UKTV food who is very lucky in my opinion. She can eat all she likes at work then go home and have her tea too! All very legitimate!

Is there any other top food tele anyone can recommend?

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Anonymous said...

I think the Irish lass Rachel is quite good, on BBC. Though, she's abit too pristine and clean - its not natural. I'm normally covered in flour WHEN I cook. She manages to look glossy and fab all the time. ;(

I have really gone off James Martin though in his new show on BBC, I don't think its his fault but the show just doesn't work for me. The studio is too big, there are too many people jostling to get on screen and the love of food is lost.