Thursday, 3 January 2008

In the Goddess Spotlight

“So much food goes to waste every year during this season so here are some brilliant tips and clever ideas to be less wasteful and help save the environment!”

• Chestnuts are highly perishable because of their low fat content. To keep them fresh enough to use for a week or so, put them in a plastic bag in the salad drawer of the fridge. Freeze those you don’t wish to eat now.
• If you don’t want to make soup the next day, freeze the Turkey carcass and make stock at some later point.
• Stir a handful of chopped nuts and dried fruits into leftover mincemeat, and then use to fill cored apples or halved, cored pears. Dot with butter; add a splash of fruit juice and bake until tender.
• Pile leftover smoked salmon onto toasted bagels spread with cream cheese and sprinkle with lemon juice and black pepper.
• Add leftover smoked salmon to scrambled eggs and pile onto toasted muffins or toast.
• If you have accidentally overcooked the Brussel sprouts or have masses leftover, puree in a food processor with some crème fraiche and serve as a puree. Also possible to freeze for later.
• If you have got leftover yoghurt, stir sugar, cinnamon and ground saffron into it and serve as a light dessert after spicy foods such as curries.
• If you have lots of leftover broccoli, add a little milk to make a puree. Serves as a sauce for fish or chicken or as an original vegetable. It tastes creamy and isn’t fattening.
• If you have over whipped the cream when making trifle, rescue it by adding a little unwhipped cream or milk and a pinch of sugar.

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